Hackness Village Hall Wedding Scarborough

I couldn't be more excited to be sharing this one tonight. As well as it being an awesome wedding with a beaut couple its a massive shout out for my home town Scarborough. You might remember Claire & Loz from their engagement shoot at Cayton Bay which is Scarborough's best cove by a mile and a surfers paradise. Well they organised a seriously cool wedding in Hackness without spending a fortune, the prep was literally just round the corner from my house (jackpot) the ceremony was in a beautiful outdoor opening called Hazel Head near Hackness with the reception taking place down the road at Hackness Village Hall, which they were able to hire for 3 days and dec out however they wanted.

Look out for a vintage truck as the wedding car, a vintage double decker for the guests, loads of detail, some amazing wall hangers & a Hardcore Punk performance from the groom!!! On with the pictures.......enjoy

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