Photography34 - 2014 Review

Firstly I want to thank everyone that invited me along to their big day last year, I've worked with some amazing couples in 2014 and have always felt like a guest at every wedding I've been to. It's really humbling when someone trusts you to capture something so important in your own way, I will always be grateful for that, so once again thank you guys!

This years been a little crazy (in a good way) I didn't really have any expectations when I took a camera along to a friends wedding 3 years ago to take a few snaps. Now I get to call what started as a hobby my job :-) (though it will never truly feel like a job). 2014 has seen me head to nearly every corner of the UK from as far south as Sussex & Devon all the way up to Northumberland. I feel really fortunate that I get the opportunity to travel far & wide to shoot peoples weddings, next year I get to to add overseas to my list of destinations which is pretty exciting. 

I still have loads of weddings to blog which I can't wait to share, so for now here's a little review of what happened last year........

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